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Our philosophy is based on 100% certified organic produce, sustainability and empowering 15,000+ farmers at every phase of operations. With confidence to deliver healthy benefits to the end consumers in today’s fast pace world, we abide to deliver 70+ premium quality products sourced from 14+ states to our customers across 27,000+ Pincodes.

We Care For Our People & Mother Earth!

Apart from the nutritive values of our food, even our packaging is plastic-free and sustainable. Every time you choose Ecotyl, you make the right choice! A right choice to keep the mother earth clean and green and our farmers and women workforce’s livelihood secured.

Why certified organic foods are generally more expensive than their conventional counterparts?

It is true that organic products are expensive than their counterparts, and there are many reasons behind this. Primarily, it is very difficult to produce genuine organic food products. Farmers who do organic farming must ensure that they use no chemicals such as pesticide, and fertilisers. Thus, growing organic food products is comparatively more laborious. The yield on the farms of the farmers who practice organic farming could be very low compared to other farmers practicing conventional farming.

Why Should You Be Switching To Organic Products?

Switching to organic living is probably one of the finest choices you are ever going to make. If you are wondering why, then the simplest answer is that organic products are good for your health. Organic foods are chemical free. Most often their conventional counterparts are laced with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, and preservatives.