Bamboo Tongue Cleaner - Set of 2

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Incorporate the goodness of Ecotyl’s Bamboo Tongue Cleaner in your self-care routine to get your fresh breath back and keep the bad away! Carefully designed with bamboo and toxin-free, our tongue scraper is gentle on your tongue and enhances your oral hygiene. Moreover, this tongue cleaner provides a comfortable grip and helps you cover a larger area in a single stroke.

Benefits Of Ecotyl Bamboo Tongue Cleaner

• It has a broader and smoother curve to cover the maximum tongue in a single stroke. It is mild on your tongue and has no sharp edges. 

• Our bamboo tongue cleaner eliminates toxins and harmful bacteria that cause bad breath. So, use it daily to improve your oral hygiene and carry yourself with confidence, every day! 

• It gives you long-lasting freshness and improves your sense of taste by removing tongue coating.

• Having an antibacterial surface, it repels bacteria and microbes and acts as a cleansing agent. 

Purity & Safety of the Product

At Ecotyl, the purity and authenticity of the products are two important pillars of our business. Made of natural bamboo, this tongue cleaner is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tongue cleaners which are sharp. No artificial chemicals are used while manufacturing these tongue cleaners. 

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Customer Reviews

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Flexible and damp free

This is one of the few bamboo products i have used that did not catch damp. Good quality and flexibility

Best Worth It

The quality of bamboo is good. ITs flexible and fine

Long Lasting

Its long lasting and durable

Good quality bamboo

Liked the quality and built

Value for Money

Good products for price. I got it almost at 170 for 2 pc