Ever wondered how you could get the most nutritious and natural food sourced from nature? Ever wondered what goes behind making these spices and staples added to your diet?


Our ancestors always lived by this philosophy of seeking medicinal value in our everyday foods and staples. At Ecotyl, we aim to revive this age-old Indian philosophy. We firmly believe“When the food is wrong, medicine is of no use. When the food is correct, medicine is of no need”. We are born with a mission to provide pure, clean, and sustainable food that induces calmness, happiness, and promotes guilt-free living. All our food ingredients are sourced from the choicest locations and mixed in the right proportion to create nutritionally balanced food products.

Yes, We’re Serious Eco-Warriors!

Apart from being a consumer-friendly and farmer-friendly brand, we are environment-friendly as well. This quality is best reflected in our brand name; Ecotyl comprising two words - Ecofriendly and cotyledons. All our packaging is plastic-free, sustainable and can be reused or recycled.

Empowering the Annadatta!

To achieve our mission, we directly work with the “Annadatta” of our country - the farmers. We procure all our ingredients directly from the farmers. We evaluate the farms, farming practices and also educate the farmers to adopt organic farming for superior quality and profitability. In this way, we empower the farmers to increase their profits and lead a life of dignity.

Quality Ensured, Health Assured!

Purity and authenticity are the two important pillars of our business. Our team of hard-working women take up full responsibility for cleaning, sorting, and packing our food products. All our products are further lab-tested for optimal purity. Result?
A fresh, nutrient-rich food product delivered to your doorstep!

Every time you buy from us, you help us eliminate plastic from the environment, enhance the profitability of farmers, and secure the livelihood of our women workforce.