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Organic Amla Candy (Chatpata)

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Ecotyl's Chatpata Amla Candy is prepared with 100% organic and natural ingredients such as fresh amla (Indian gooseberry), a spice and herb combination, and organic sugar. Amla is known to be a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help boost immunity and promote healthy skin and hair. Our unique blend of spices and herbs gives the candy a tangy and savoury flavour, making it a perfect snack to satisfy your cravings. It is also free of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, making it a healthier alternative to regular candies.

Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Organic Amla Candy (Chatpata)

•It contains vitamin C and antioxidants which improve skin health, reduce the signs of aging.

•It has a spice blend that can help stimulate digestion and enhance gut health.

•It is a rich source of Vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and protect the body against various infections.

Purity & Safety of the Product

At Ecotyl, the purity and authenticity of the products are two important pillars of our business. It is vegan and does not contain any harmful ingredients, only the goodness of pure and healthy ingredients.