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Organic Triphala Powder

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Serving Size: 1/2-1 TSP per day

Triphala powder is a combination of 3 potent ingredients, namely Amla, Haritaki, and Bahera. We combine the best of all these ingredients in the form of a healthy and instant churan powder. From relieving constipation woes to helping you build a robust immunity, Triphala powder can be a natural choice to treat an array of health issues and chronic diseases. It revitalizes your whole body. So, make a healthy choice today!

Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Organic Triphala Powder

- Triphala powder boosts your metabolism and also helps in digestion. It alleviates issues like acidity, bloating, and gas.

- It is a great source of antioxidants. It reduces inflammation and also boosts your immunity. 

- It also regulates blood sugar levels and lowers LDL cholesterol. 

- The potent herbs also have a laxative effect. Regular consumption of this powder can help soften the stool and keep constipation at bay!  

Purity & Safety of the Product

At Ecotyl, the purity and authenticity of the products are two important pillars of our business. This nutrient-rich powder does not contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives. You can feel the natural taste of the herbs, it is a 100% Ayurvedic formulation. 

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