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Coconut Milk & Vanilla Soap - Set of 2

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Indulge in the tropical goodness of Ecotyl's Coconut Milk Soap with Vanilla, a delightful duo that pampers your skin with nature's finest ingredients. Enriched with the nourishing goodness of coconut milk, this soap gently cleanses and hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and irresistibly smooth. The delicate touch of vanilla adds a touch of luxury, creating a sensorial experience that uplifts your spirits and leaves your skin delicately fragranced with this natural soap bar.

Benefits Of Ecotyl Coconut Milk & Vanilla Soap

Deep Hydration: Coconut milk is a natural moisturizer, deeply hydrating the skin to combat dryness and leave it feeling supple and soft.

Soothing Sensation: Vanilla's calming properties work in harmony with coconut milk to soothe irritated skin, providing relief from inflammation and redness.

Aromatherapy Delight: The sweet and comforting aroma of vanilla induces a sense of relaxation, turning your shower or bath into a tranquil retreat.

Gentle Cleansing: The combination of coconut milk and vanilla ensures a gentle yet effective cleanse, removing impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Purity & Safety of the Product

At Ecotyl, the purity and authenticity of the products are two important pillars of our business. Our soap is silicone-free, paraben-free, and is suitable for all skin types. The goodness of coconut milkgives your skin a radiant glow. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shweta Kamath
Go for it

Giving it a five star because first thing it's a therapeutic product, also the shea butter and honey makes the skin so hydrated and nourished. Would highly recommend it.

Srinidhi V
Everyone should try this soap

Good soap it’s worth it. Highly scented soap it’s fragrance stays till end and soap is so soft you can feel it while applying on skin

Suneeta Muthyala
For nourish skin

The soap is Real Good . It's very hydrating and moisturizing. A must buy if one needs a well nourished skin

Hitiksha Rita
Does not melt easily

Good lathering, smelling rose, cleansing very well and also fast delivery. Feels like bathing in rose water. Doesn't melts easily like cream soaps.. loved it

Nagendra B
Pleasant smell

This one is slightly smaller in size compared to other soaps I have received! But very cute and has the best packaging of all!
Fragrance is absolutely rosey flavour! Very very pleasant!
Love it after first use