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Organic Moong (Green)

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Ecotyl’s Green Moong is a powerhouse of protein, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals. It is green in colour, medium-sized and has a great traditional taste. This moong is grown in organically certified farms across Rajasthan. It is grown using traditional seeds and processed naturally. Our Moong is organic, healthy, tasty, and easy to cook. 

Health Benefits of Ecotyl Moong Dal

- Green Moong helps manage glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood. It eases blood flow and also cures hypertension. 

- A great source of dietary fiber, it also helps control weight and fights obesity. 

- Green Mong can also boost your metabolism since it is a powerhouse of proteins and fiber. 

- Green Moong enables you to build a robust immunity and fights against harmful bacteria and viruses due to its antimicrobial properties. 

Purity & Safety of the Product

At Ecotyl, the purity and authenticity of the products are two important pillars of our business. Green Moong is machine cleaned and handpicked to ensure optimal purity and hygiene. Grown using traditional seeds, Moong is sourced directly from the organic farms of Rajasthan. 

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