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Copper Mug - 450 ml

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Ecotyl's copper mug is expertly crafted from high-quality copper and designed to provide numerous health benefits to its users. Not only does this mug add a touch of elegance to your home bar or kitchen, but it also offers a range of health benefits that make it a valuable addition to your daily routine. Copper is known to have natural antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This makes our copper mug a great option for those looking to reduce their exposure to harmful germs and pathogens. Ecotyl's copper mug is not only functional but also beautiful, with a unique and eye-catching design that is sure to impress. The comfortable handle and sturdy base make it easy to hold and use, while the thermal conductivity of copper keeps your favorite drinks cool and refreshing for longer.

Benefits Of Ecotyl Copper Mug

•It contains natural antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

•It contains natural antioxidant properties that fight free radicals and prevent oxidative damage in the body.

•It has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce pain and swelling associated with arthritis.

•It supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Purity & Safety of the Product

At Ecotyl, the purity and authenticity of the products are two important pillars of our business.Ecotyl’s Copper mug are eco-friendly. We refrain from using any chemicals while manufacturing these mugs .