Why Should You Be Switching To Organic Products? / Organic food

Why Should You Be Switching To Organic Products?

Why Should You Be Switching To Organic Products?

Switching to organic living is probably one of the finest choices you are ever going to make. If you are wondering why, then the simplest answer is that organic products are good for your health. Organic foods are chemical free. Most often their conventional counterparts are laced with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, and preservatives. These chemicals if taken for a long term, can have severe negative impacts on your health. Similarly, organic skincare products are free from chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, SLS, SLES, etc which could negatively affect your skin and health.

If you are someone who prefer fresh things, then you should consider switching to organic products. Because if you are choosing organic products, you are certainly choosing freshly made products. Organic products come with limited shelf life implying less usage of chemicals in development of the product.

Most of the organic product manufacturers ensure that they pay a fair price to their labours and often associate with marginal farmers, women farmers, and women labours for the production of organic food products. So by switching to organic products, you play your part in empowering such groups.

Another reason why you should consider switching to organic products is because using them is good for the environment. Using conventional products laced with chemicals ultimately leads to their drainage in soil and marine ecosystems and can impact them negatively. As mentioned above, organic products are chemical-free, and switching to them will prevent the damage caused to these ecosystems. According to FAO, organic agriculture contributes to mitigating the greenhouse effect and global warming through its ability to sequester carbon in the soil. This is another reason why organic foods are good for the environment. Additionally, you can choose organic products packed in sustainable packaging such as glass jars, and reusable packaging to minimize the damage caused to the environment.

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